Startups to party at Pitch House during Memphis startup conference

Memphis is playing host to the largest startup conference in the U.S., EveryWhereElse. That’s where lots of startups are going to be – so that’s where we’re going to be. South Florida has LOTS of great resources to facilitate startups, so we’re going to make sure they know it. We’re looking for great deals, killer talent, or entertainment. Sometimes we get all three!

Brown indicated the three angel investors are going to Memphis to represent South Florida and to learn what company founders are doing in other parts of the country.

“We’re hosting Pitch House to learn about and find some awesome companies and founders that we can add real value to by supporting their ventures,” he said. “…not to mention that hanging out and networking with entrepreneurs is the best.”

Nemanic promised Pitch House would be inspirational and a little bit naughty:

If you aren’t learning everyday, you’re dying. I am there to learn. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and in our own backyards and don’t realize there is a much bigger world out there. This is the perfect event to capture a broad view of our brave new world. Of course, I expect to have a lot of fun as well, but don’t tell my wife!

The Pitch House is located on Main Street in Memphis just off Beale.

Participants must have an ticket or badge to get in.

Startups are wanting to attend should contact Steve Repetti ([email protected]) or Jeff Brown ([email protected])


About Steve Repetti

Steve Repetti has more than 20 years’ experience as a software developer, technology executive, inventor, and investor. He is currently the CEO of RadWeb Technologies, Managing Partner of the RadWeb Technology Partners startup fund, Chairman of the Board of Silicon Valley-based non-profit Data Portability, as well as a member of the OpenAjax Alliance and Open Web Foundation.

Follow Steve Repetti on twitter @steverepetti or on the web at

About W. Jeffrey Brown

W. Jeffrey Brown is the Founder of Honey Tree Holdings, LLC and is a successful serial entrepreneur turned mentor and angel investor with over 25 years experience in media and software technology spanning product development, sales, marketing and all areas of business operations.

For more information please visit and be sure to follow him on twitter @WJeffreyBrown

About Franc Nemanic

Franc is the founder and former President of Hostopia, a Deloitte & Touche, “Fast 500” and “INC 500” software as a service (SAS) company specializing in, high‐volume/high‐availability web services and solutions. The company, successfully went public in 2006 and was later acquired for $122 million., Franc has become active in the startup scene, and angel investment arena as a member of New World Angels and founding, member of the Miami Innovation Fund where he invests in, mentors and advises numerous South Florida based tech companies..

Check out Franc Nemanic’s site at

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